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Người dn cuba ở Mỹ vui mừng khi tn độc ti Fidel Castro xuống địa ngục

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Cuban Doctors: Imperialist Embargo Is Killing Fidel

Socialized Medicine, a Triumph of the Revolution

Habana, Cuba -- Called to task by Fidel Castro to explain themselves for botching several operations on the 80 year old Cuban President, his surgeons have taken the unprecedented action of holding a news conference to explain to the world President Castro's medical condition. Chief Surgeon Rafael Bernardo of the Cuban Escuela Latinoamericana de Ciencias Mdicas explained to the gathering: "When we first operated on the Maximum Leader we'd thought that he was suffering from a broken Wish Bone. The operation made President Castro's condition even worse. After several more unsuccessful operations on a Funny Bone, his Spare Ribs, and Water on the Knee we realized that his problem had to be related to his Bread Basket. Of course, if it were not for the U.S. embargo we would have had modern medical training devices and operated on his Bread Basket sooner," Cuba's Chief Surgeon said.

Cuban doctors went on to explain that Comrade Castro's medical condition could have been easily treated when his first symptoms appeared - if it were not for the criminal Yankee war of imperialism and the inhuman blockade of Cuba. "Our doctors, though the best in the world, are forced to learn medicine using 1950s pre-revolution medical training devices - much like the Iraqi doctors under Saddam Hussein when their country was also suffering from the U.S. embargo," the doctors complained.

A Cuban Surgeon demonstrates Castro's surgery with a Cuban medical training device, the 1950s era pre-revolution Halliburton Medical Group Super Fun Operation trainer.

In today's America obsolete 1950s era medical training devices have long been converted to games for the medical community's leisure hours

Demonstration of the delicate surgical technique of removing a patient's Bread Basket using a 1950s era pre-revolution Halliburton Medical Group Super Fun Operation trainer.

"President Castro's grave medical condition proves once again that the capitalist Empire of America will do everything possible to force the Cuban people to live on so little for so long," Cuban doctors said. "The world community should make Americans feel shame and guilt for not allowing the heroic Cuban people to live off generous donations from rich Western individuals and corporations, like all the other heroic socialist nations of the Third World do."


Second opinion from Iran:
Castro's illness caused by Jews

The People Cube's columnist Dr. Leonid Fuku reports from Tehran:

A selected group of doctors, approved by the Guardian Council of Iran, have offered their professional second opinion on the ailing Cuban President's condition:

DIAGNOSIS: The stress and anxiety from seeing the suffering of righteous Muslims at the hands of Zionist occupiers, have led to Fidel's spontaneous expulsion of blood from the rectum as a sign of solidarity with the murdered children. The condition is aggravated by a new Mossad-CIA program to assault Fidel's rectum by emitting secret death rays from Guantanamo Bay facility in Cuba, as well as by Zionist attempts to destroy Cuba's Socialized Health Care so that Jewish doctors could once again have unlimited access to people's blood.

RECOMMENDATION: All people of good will around the world must ask Allah for an end to the madness and for the survival of our staunch ally in the fight against American imperialism.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:
We must all pray that some grotesque Zionist infiltrator does not sabotage the efforts of the fine Cuban physicians who are working to save Fidel's life.

Source: http://thepeoplescube.com/current-tr...del-t1050.html


Third opinion from America (Americana)