Dĩ Vng

C một dạo lm thơ
Vẽ vời v ht, ma
Tưởng đời đẹp như mơ
Mộng trn như ước muốn

Tri chưa chn thời xanh
Trch mnh khờ vội cắn
Quả chin c loại chua
Giận đời sinh g lắm!

Ngẫm lại nỗi phong trần
Chai lng thơ ca hết
Thực tại ci thế nhn
Tim lạnh lng, mộng chết!

Tm về hương phấn cũ
Lạ lng ta hay ai?
C thời xưa con gi
Đi qua một bước di!

L Mai

The Old Times

There had been once I wrote rhymes,
Painted pictures, sang songs, & danced oftentimes.
I thought that life was as beautiful as dreams,
Imagination so whole like aspired beams.

The fruit being not ripe in its rawness unfit,
I blamed myself for being nave to hurriedly bite it.
Even certain species though ripe but still sour,
I held it against life for creating so many sorts dour.

In pondering on the ups and downs,
My heart grew callous, liquidating poetic grounds.
Reality was a human world, dusty space,
Soul cold, all visions succumbed bad, base.

Now that I try to search back for my green grace,
How strange! Is it myself or anothers face?
Oh, I did have in the past a fine maiden existence;
However, it has stridden over such a long distance.

Translation by Thanh-Thanh