Ngoi song ta đứng ngẩn ngơ
Bn song em vẫn thờ ơ lạnh lng
Tiếc g một nụ mi hồng
Một tia mắt ấm m khng trao mời?
Để ta lạc lng giữa trời
Nắng vng từng giọt r rời pha phi.
Bn ny ta vẫn đơn ci
Ngẫm buồn thn phn nổi tri thng ngy
Đm về uống rượu thật say
Ngỡ như em mở vng tay đợi chờ.
Th thi em cứ thờ ơ
Cn ta, ta sống trong mơ một mnh!



Outside here I was standing, an astounded fool;
Behind the window-frame you remained cool.
Why to spare just a smile on your lips, rosy, tender?
Why to save even an warm regard, not to render?
So that I myself felt lost in the inapposite place
With each yellow sunbeam in a withering space.
On this side I have still been always alone
Reflecting upon my plight, a plankton grown.
Every night I rely on wine to booze gee!
To imagine your opening arms intended for me.
Well, do continue to be chilly in the extreme!
As for me, I live my life in each solitary dream!

Translation by THANH-THANH