Cng Cha Như Ni Thi Sơn

Cng cha như ni Thi Sơn
Cu thơ ấy thuộc từ thời tấm b
Nay nhắc lại m lng như ứa lệ.
ất nước ti du bể nửa đời người
Ti ln mười đất nước đ chia đi
Những b Mẹ bắc Kỳ o ạt tới
Kể từ đ cuộc đời như đổi mới
Nhưng khắp nơi vẫn khi lửa lầm than
Những chng trai khng một tiếng phn nn
Vo trận địa như đi vo cuộc sống !

Con sinh ra chưa kịp xy đắp mộng
Chưa gặp cha con đ chẳng cn cha
Mẹ dạy con m nước mắt chan ha
Cha yu mẹ, yu con, yu đất nước
V phận sự cha quyết khng li bước
Lấy thn mnh để đền nợ non sng.

Con by giờ coi như tạm thnh cng
C dn chủ c tự do pht biểu
Nhưng nhiều lc lng con như chợt hiểu
Mẹ tại sao bỏ nước chạy sang đy !
Cha lm sao mất giữa tuổi thơ ngy
Nghe con hỏi lng Mẹ đau như cắt
Con yu ạ, gi tự do tuy đắt
Khng tự do ta chẳng thể l người
Ngy Của Cha, chu nhỏ đẹp mi cười
Mẹ sung sướng v chng ta được sống
Chữ dn chủ với cha l giấc mộng
Con viết vo bi vị để thờ cha.


Dads Merit Is Like Mt. Everest

Dads merit is as immense as Mount Everest!
That verse since a child I had known with zest,
But now heard again makes tears start to my eyes.
My country has been half of my life in hard times,
Partitioned in two when I was just ten years of age.
The mothers poured from the North in a critical stage
And thenceforth began in the South to revive;
But everywhere anguish continued from war to derive:
The young men with neither complaint nor regret
Rushed into the battlefields, their hopes on life set.

You were born, not in time yet to build dreams rather,
Not seeing your father yet, you already had no father.
I your Mom brought you up, in tears educated you kid:
Dad loved me, loved you and loved Vietnam sacred,
Fulfilling his duty, not yielding an inch of ground,
Using his body to pay his debt to the country bound.

Now that you might be said to have got some success
Enjoying democracy, liberty, being free to express,
Yet sometime in your innermost you suddenly understand
Why I your mother had to leave home for this land!
I surely felt heart-broken ̶ my deep grief increased
When as a child you navely asked why Dad deceased.
Oh my child, Freedom has its though high price,
But without it we cannot be human beings so nice.
On Fathers Day, watching the smile of each of your chit
I am happy because we are able to live a life fit.
The word Democracy with Dad was such a dream:
Write it on his votive tablet to honor him as we mean.

Translation by THANH-THANH