Bi pht biểu bằng Anh ngữ của
một người tham gia biểu tnh

Dưới đy l bi pht biểu bằng Anh ngữ của c Đỗ T Anh đọc trong buổi biểu tnh ngy 7/7/2018 trước to đại sứ CSVN tại Hoa Thịnh Đốn

"Today, we join to show solidarity with the thousands of people continuously demonstrating in Vietnam against the two bills:

1. Special Economic Zone (SEZ): Lease to give China total economic and administrative control over the three strategic regions Vn Đ̀n, Bắc Vn Phong and Phú Qúc. This lease is more like a Bill of Sale to legalize China invasion of Vietnam and to help Chinas military dominate the South Sea.

2. The Cyber Security Law, which takes effect on January 1st, 2019, will implement further internet restriction. It is also a disguised security law to silence people over the internet.

Over the past few weeks, the public security police have violently assaulted, brutally beaten and arrested hundreds of peaceful demonstrators. Many of them were taken away and have not been accounted for.

We denounce the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for these atrocities.

What you can do to help protect human rights in Vietnam:

1. Contact the news media, plead with the leaders of the Free World and the United Nations to intervene, to investigate and to impose sanctions on the communist criminals responsible for the killing and murdering of innocent people. The Vietnamese government should not get a free pass on abusing human rights as the U.S. and Vietnam relationship grows.

2. Sign the petition to President Trump and contact your Congressional Representatives to intervene and to stop Vietnams human rights violations.

3. Contact us for detail information of these daily violations"

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